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Great Service

Appreciate the whole team at Ox & Pine as they made it easy for me to create and submit a bulk order. The customized notebooks came out great, and my team was thrilled to get them. Thank you!

Refills make it a journal for life.

Great quality refills that will make my beautiful journal last forever!

Best Gift!

my nephew, who lives in a different state told me he had seen the journal on line. i ordered it for him, when he received it he called me & was very excited. this is so soft, & looks so nice you wouldn't believe he exclaimed. so happy he loves his new journal, and he was really impressed with the quality.


Gave this book to my wife’s sister after she got her doctorate in CA to use it as her diary. Had a personal inscription on the front with her Dr. Titel.
She was very touched. Great quality leather! Awesome company, great to work with, great staff. Thank you from Montana.

Classic Personalized Leather Journal with Professional Elastic Closure

Memories Last Forever

I was so happy with the quality, personalization and customer service I received. Everything made me feel like I was the only customer and felt very special. I know there are tons more customers but Eula made me happy.

Love it!!

I ordered this for my son's birthday in November. I absolutely love it though and am sure he will too. The leather is so soft and its wonderfully put together! I will be ordering from here again!!

Amazing leather and an amazing hat

All I need to say

classy and cute

I use my luggage tag on my tote bag as an accessory. Ox and Pine leather is beautiful.

So excited to use these!

We ordered these for our wedding and were very pleased when we got them. We are very excited to use these for our wedding!

Great quality!

Wife thought quality was great! Says it is durable.

Love it!

This is great quality. As a small town country Texas guy in the airline industry, I got tired of the normal lanyards everyone gives us to wear. This is something that will last my whole career, and I can pass on to one of my kids after it has been worn and weathered, should they want another “career item” of daddy’s. Very much appreciate the shorter length. So many pilots are overweight and like the long lanyards, however for us guys who stay in shape i get tired of the long lanyard hanging so low since i lack the “wide body” belly. Only thing I would change is there being several clasps options. The swivel this comes with is not my favorite as my badge is often found turned the wrong way. Might see if they are willing to replace the clasp should I pay shipping to send it back. Love the brass coloring of the clasp though! Do not hesitate to buy. Quality is superb and the product arrived very timely.

Fantastic product- amazing customer service

We needed these in a hurry as someone (me) forgot to order them for our wedding.

The folks @ Ox & Pine were super understanding and got our vow books to us in a few days turn around. They are high quality books and we will cherish them as keepsakes forever.

I highly recommend using them.

Great quality!

I bought this(size large) for my husband for our 3rd year anniversary and he loves it! Large seems to be the perfect size unless you really don’t travel with anything.

Truly, beautiful product

This is certainly something that will be a joy every day. Ox and Pine make a classic quality product.

Refillable Personalized Leather Journal with Professional Elastic Closure

Custom Leather Patches - Personalized with Logo, Text, or Initials - Blank Leather Patches


I love it and carry it everywhere. No complaints at all!


This was the perfect gift to give my husband. He absolutely loves it. 🥰🥰 very great quality and it’s absolutely beautiful.

Great quality, sharp design! Highly recommend


Bought as a gift for my father in law. He was thrilled and looks forward to using.

So cute!

I love this - its a great addition to my bag, and so generous!

Exceptional service!

We were delighted to partner with O&P as a business. The service and quality was exceptional. I highly recommend this product and this company.

Great product!

I’ve carried mine daily for nearly 3 years. Good quality, I love it.