Hi, I’m Stephanie, the owner of Ox and Pine! I’m also a maker-of-leather-things, a wife to a great guy, a mom to 4 little kiddos, an avid runner, and a stickler for details. I spent years learning leatherworking and bookbinding before starting my business in 2014. Then I spent more years tracking down the best leather (I could cover half a football field with my random leather), paper (don’t even get me started on how I’m single-handedly responsible for a healthy paper market), and hardware for our leather products. Then comes our craftsmanship. Our techniques and strict quality control stem from my obsessive compulsion to make our leather goods perfect.

And none of that would mean a thing without the wonderful people in my life. My family and friends have gotten us this far. Here at Ox & Pine, we’ve lucked out with an amazing team who support my vision for beautiful and functional products that foster connection for every customer. Not to get all sappy on you, but each of our customers has such a special story behind their gift. It’s the mother getting a leather journal to cover the pages with their life story so her daughter can look back and remember how much she’s loved. It’s the spouse using a special term of endearment to personalize their gift. It’s the soon-to-be couple starting their life with a shared journal that will become a family heirloom for their grandchildren to look back on. It’s the person hoping to provide comfort to a friend dying of cancer with a special place to record their thoughts. We’re not really selling leather goods. It’s the memories you make with those leather goods. You’re letting us be a small part of the life you’re creating, the relationships you’re building, and the legacy you’re leaving in this world. So from all of us here at Ox and Pine, thanks for bringing us along!