July 13, 2019

Has your family ever had a family reunion where everyone got matching shirts? Well, we are here with the next big thing for family reunions: leather patch trucker hats! Our hats are not only the perfect summer accessory, they can be personalized and come in different colors. That means you can have the whole extended family in the same style hat with the family name on it, while each individual family is in their own color. Or have everyone’s first name stamped in, and then you’ll never lose track of whose hat is whose! 
Stack of Leather Patch Trucker Hats for Family Reunions - Ox & Pine Leather Goods
Or hey, it doesn’t have to be your name you stamp into it. Did you know that (for an added fee) we can stamp your own logo or artwork into the leather? Whatever it is that represents your family, we wanna see it on your hats. 
Navy and Blue Leather Patch Trucker Hat for Family Reunion - Ox & Pine Leather Goods
What would you put on your hat??