The Characteristics of Ox & Pine's Leather

Our leather is the real deal. It's also processed and tanned in a way that allows the natural beauty of the leather to shine through. That means the surface hasn't had the beauty beaten out of it so it resembles leather colored plastic. It also means our leather gets better with age. So, appreciate the uniqueness of YOUR leather item feeling confident you have a natural (not manmade) product carefully handcrafted into a beautiful item just for you! Check out some markings you may (or may not) see on leather:

Stretch Marks, Wrinkling, & Veining

Leather Stretch Marks / Wrinkling / Veining

Stretch marks, wrinkling, and veining are a sign the leather comes from the real source.

Scars and Scratches

Leather Scars and Scratches

Grazing up against barbed wire leaves some more subtle marks in the leather that are usually small and appear as darker lines.

Insect Bites

Leather Insect Bites

These small bites are in testimony to a determined bug.

Enlarged Pores

Leather Enlarged Pores

Enlarged pores are like tiny pin dots that occur on the hide.

Tannery Markings

Fleshside Tannery Markings

These stamps hang out on the backside of the leather and are markings from the tannery. See if you can spot one on the flesh (unfinished) side of your leather next time! Then, you'll know your leather is legit.

Color Variation

Leather Color Variation

Leather Color Variation

Color variation between hides (and even across the same hide) is common and a natural result of the tanning process. This makes each piece truly unique.


We hope this guide helps you understand a little more about the markings found on real leather, why we love it, and why we know you'll love it, too. Shop with us and get the good stuff.