Best Mother's Day Gifts 2024

Meaningful Mother's Day Gifts 2024

It’s hard to buy a gift for that person who has everything. It’s even more difficult to buy for that person that GIVES everything. Yep, I’m talking about the moms in your life. Whether it’s your grandmother, your mom, your partner, your adopted mother or some other mother figure in your life, they have GIVEN! So make this Mother’s Day special for them with a personalized gift from Ox & Pine. Have a look at our list of favorite items for moms.



Personalized Journals

Journals serve different purposes for different people. So it makes sense that they should be customizable. With the options of color, closure, size, paper, and refillability; we can meet the specific needs of your mother. You can even add a sentimental stamp with our Adventure Journals or a personalized title page with our Classic Non-refillable Journals. With these personal touches, you will meet any mother’s criteria for a practical, yet meaningful gift.

Personalized Luggage Tags

Luggage tags are a simple, but sweet way to reach out to your mother. It might be gifted with the promise of a trip or the remembrance of a meaningful past trip. Traveling is all about memory making, so give a gift that highlights these special memories!

Dopp Kit

What woman doesn’t need her “Go-bag”? Dopp kits are a classy and durable way for women to keep all their essentials together. Dopp kits are perfect for toiletries and on-the-go necessities. Women love them for everyday use, as well as travel!


If you are sporting a keychain that contains shrinky-dinks, alphabet beads, salt dough, or a gorgeous gap-toothed school picture, you most definitely are a mom. Those keychains are precious, but often don’t stand the test of time. Give your mom a keychain that she can treasure forever, made from our high quality, full grain leather. With our personalization options, you can still make it straight from your heart to hers.


Moms are notoriously busy people. Sometimes scheduling doesn’t dictate the full makeup and hair routine every morning. Thank goodness for cute hats! With our hand-stamped, leather patch hats, quick hairstyles are a synch. Make it more meaningful with a personalized patch!

Valet tray

The age-old struggle between appearance and functionality is finally resolved in our handcrafted, leather valet trays. These are great for that counter or end table that just always seems cluttered. Now those elusive keys have a place to call home!


Every mom needs a classy, reliable wallet. But not every mom likes her wallet the same. Some prefer small and simple, like our cardholder wallet. While others prefer more pockets and space, like what is provided in our longer wallet. Either way, we’ve got what your mom needs!

Can Coozies

Moms do incredible things everyday; in their homes and out in the world. Sometimes it feels like they are running on fumes and caffeine. Give their Diet Coke refueling an upgrade with our beautiful, handmade leather Can Coozies. Personalize it so that every time they take a sip, they know you love them!

Cord Wraps

You know that drawer in your house that has all those cords tangled together. It drives you crazy, right? Well it drives your mom crazy, too. Surprise her this Mother’s Day by organizing that drawer and keeping it organized with our sleek cord wraps!


Every mother needs a Mary Poppins bag. Bandaids, snacks, toys…you name it, they try to have it in their bag. Bags are also an important fashion piece for moms; A beautiful bag is a big confidence booster. Our totes are the perfect "everything" bag with a variety of customizable options. An Ox & Pine tote bag will be an instant win for Mother’s Day.



Jewelry is always a great go-to when it comes to Mother’s Day gift giving. Our Personalized Leather Triple Wrap Bracelet is one of our favorite gifts! With the ability to customize these, there are so many possibilities. Put children and/or grandchildren’s names on it. Put a meaningful family saying on it.  What about a simple, “I Love you, Mom”? This constant, wearable reminder will mean the world to her.


The dreary, everyday ID card definitely gets a facelift with our customizable leather lanyards. Working moms are going to love these! They are also so helpful to moms who don’t have a spare hand for their keys or their wallet. Pair a lanyard with one of our D-ring attached wallets or any of our unique key chains, and you’ve got Mother’s Day in the Bag!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you amazing moms out there!