2024 Father's Day Gift Guide


If your dad is anything like mine, Father’s Day shopping tends to be like the search for the Holy Grail. While they are definitely sentimental under that tough exterior, dads gravitate towards gifts that are useful and functional. So how are you going to hit that sweet spot in your gift-giving that says “I love you”, but still satisfies their problem-solving instincts? Let us help you with our Father’s Day gift-giving guide.



Journals are the perfect universal gift. Our journals are able to meet the needs of any father you are shopping for. With a variety of paper, closures, colors, sizes, and personalization, your dad will know that you had it made specifically for him. Dad’s are all about durability, and these journals are made to last. In fact, as our leather ages, it develops a beautiful patina, or sheen. This is evidence that some things, like dads, are made even better with time!


Dopp Kits

Have you ever noticed that dads are the last to pack but also the quickest? This could be because they know the value of a good Dopp kit with all their essentials ready to go at a moment's notice. This year, give them a classy upgrade with Ox & Pine’s handmade, personalized Leather Dopp Kit. We offer several sizes and colors! Personalize it with his initials or your favorite nickname for him, and you’ve made his Father’s Day.


Luggage Tags

Some fathers travel a lot with work, so they spend much of their travel time missing home and its comforts. Other fathers have reached that point in their travels where it’s primarily for pleasure, whether that is wrestling with grandkids or relaxing on a beach. Whatever globetrotting he might be doing, give him something of you to hold on to with our Leather Luggage tags! In fact, why not give him different luggage tags for different types of travel? Personalize them with initials, inside jokes, or something inspiring. Locating his luggage on the carousel will be a snap and bring a smile to his face!



What genre is your dad into? Surprise him this Father’s Day with a book from his favorite author and one of our unique Personalized Leather Bookmarks! Let him know that his love of reading is shared and valued. Those special memories of reading with him will always be treasured!



What would Father’s Day be without the traditional gift of the proverbial keychain? This year, though, his keychain will be a source of pride, not only because it was a gift from his favorite child but also because of how good it looks! We have a variety of different keychains to meet the style, need, and interest of the father in your life. If your dad is a motorcycle lover, check out our Key Wrap Keychain. As always, personalization can take this gift from a wonderfully practical gift to a truly meaningful one. 


Lanyard/ID Card Lanyard

Unfortunately, there are some necessary evils in this world. One such thing is the work ID card. Make this a little more enjoyable with our stylish and durable Leather Lanyards. He will be the envy of his coworkers when he shows up Monday morning sporting this handcrafted, personalized work accessory.


Desk Mat/Mouse Pad

Another way you can brighten his mundane workday is to upgrade his work space. Our Handmade Leather Desk Mats and Leather Mouse Pads look fabulous, but they also create great cushioning and support for your electronics, as well as protecting your desk! He’ll feel important and loved when he opens these on Father’s Day!



Replacing a man’s wallet is a huge decision that should not be taken lightly. Luckily, here at Ox & Pine, we take this very seriously and provide a wide range of options. From the moment he opens his gift and inhales the fresh leathery scent, he’ll know that you got the best for the best. If he likes to keep it simple, stick with our ID Wallet. However, if he needs to hold onto all those punch cards and receipts, the 5-pocket Bi-fold Wallet might be what he needs!


Cord Wrap

Our Cord Wraps can double as the perfect Father’s Day gift as well as an organizational intervention! Dads have all the cords. They can’t throw any of them away because someday they might need that one specific cord. The result is a drawer or container full of tangled cords. Our Handmade Leather Cord Wraps (and a little bit of sorting help) will give your dad peace of mind!


Leather Bracelet

Jewelry is generally viewed as a gift for moms and women, but we’ve got something special for the dads and husbands here at Ox & Pine. Instead of something bedazzled, stick with our simple and sleek leather bracelets. To really hit this gift home, personalize his bracelet with his children’s names or an important family motto. 



Hats are a closet staple for most men and an obsession for others. Check out the wide variety we offer in our bestselling hat collection. Whether you want to personalize the hat with his initials or select one of our “Dad” patches, he will be over the moon with the finished product! We also have patriotic hatsoutdoor hobby hats, and Texas hats. If we don’t have the right patch for you, talk to one of our personalization experts, and they can help you create exactly what you need.


Valet Tray

Most men, if given the opportunity, would decorate their space completely with leather. We don’t blame them! Leather smells and looks amazing. While a completely leather space may be a decorating no-no, accent pieces here and there are perfect! Your dad will fall in love with our Handmade Leather Valet Tray. On his desk or bedside table, he has a perfect place for those frequent-use items that never seem to make it back to their assigned places. 



Every man needs a high-quality belt that he can rely on. The hunt for the right belt can be exhausting. Some might be the right color but not the right length, or too thick or too thin. Our solution? We will make the perfect belt to your exact specifications for your dad. Pick the color, length, width, hardware, and personalization. The search for the unicorn is over!


Can Coozie

Your dad works hard all week long. He deserves a break. Nothing says relaxation like an ice-cold beverage wrapped snugly in an Ox & Pine Can Coozie. With the beautiful craftsmanship and the personalization options, your dad will feel truthfully spoiled when he opens this for Father’s Day! Make no mistake, he will be looking for any opportunity to pull out his Coozie, so be prepared for a summer of pool parties, lake days, and tailgating!


Basically, the dads in your life are amazing and deserve to be celebrated! From the moment they open their Ox & Pine gift and that rich leather smell hits them, they’ll know how much you love them. Let us make this Father’s Day his best one to date as we work with you to create something one-of-a-kind.