Ox & Pine Holiday Gift Guide 2022

It's that time of year to flex your gift-giving muscles! Here are some personalized gifts we offer to get you started:


Personalized Leather Luggage Tag by Ox & Pine Leather Goods

1. Personalized Leather Luggage Tags

Personalized Leather Luggage Tags are a fun stocking stuffer gift for the traveler or bag lover in your life. It's unique and personal.

Personalized Leather Cord Wraps - Ox & Pine Leather Goods

2. Cord Wraps

Personalized Leather Cord Wraps are perfect for organizing all those pesky cords. Add initials so this perfect little gift can't be mistaken as someone else's.

Personalized Leather Bracelet by Ox & Pine Leather Goods

3. Bracelets

Personalized Leather Bracelets are the perfect gift of an accessory that keeps giving. These cute bracelets can be paired with any outfit.


Personalized Leather Tote Bags by Ox & Pine Leather Goods

1. Tote Bag

This tote bag can have a special message stamped on the inside pocket making it an extra special gift for her. It says you wanted to give her something nice and a heartfelt message on the inside pocket makes this a wonderful holiday gift.

Unstructured Hat with Leather Patch by Ox & Pine Leather Goods

2. Unstructured Hat

This is every woman's favorite best friend on a bad hair day. A custom leather patch baseball hat is a holiday gift that will be put to good use.

Personalized Leather Mouse Pads by Ox & Pine Leather Goods

3. Mouse Pad

Does your spouse work from home? A personalized leather mouse pad is the perfect accessory to dress up their office and a wonderful holiday gift to surprise them with. Add their name or initials for that personal touch (sure to win you some extra points)!


Personalized Leather Dopp Kit by Ox & Pine Leather Goods

1. Dopp Kit

A personalized leather dopp kit is sure to become his favorite travel accessory! It's a gift he'll love and appreciate every time he travels. 

Mountain Stamp Leather Patch Trucker Hat by Ox & Pine Leather Goods

2. Trucker Hat

It's a hat he'll actually wear! This custom leather patch hat has a ton of patch and color options making it a perfect gift for him.

Personalized Leather Card Holder Wallet by Ox & Pine Leather Goods

3. Card Holder Wallet

Slim and fits the bill (no pun intended!) perfectly. This wallet is stylish and functional holding cards and cash. The Christmas gift that he'll use all year long!


Personalized Leather Pocket Journal by Ox & Pine Leather Goods

1. Pocket Journals

A personalized leather journal feels extra fancy--especially as a gift for your child! Get their name or initials on it and it'll become a gift they'll treasure.

Personalized Leather Bookmark by Ox & Pine Leather Goods


Got a book worm? Wish you had a book worm? This personalized leather bookmark is a great gift for the book lover and guaranteed to turn any child into a book lover (or at least make you feel like you're encouraging good habits as a responsible parent).

Personalized Leather Braided Dog Leash by Ox & Pine Leather Goods

3. Dog Leash

A personalized leather dog leash may seem a little different for a gift for your kids, but hear me out! Do you have a dog? If you have a dog, that dog needs walked. And now your child can walk your dog with a personalized leather leash! Make walking the dog fun again--at least for a few days.

Finding great gifts for your family and gifts for your spouse and gifts for your friends can be hard! I hope this guide gets you thinking of something fun and meaningful to give them. And I hope you just might consider a personalized leather gift from Ox & Pine because we love seeing what you all do for each other!