Top 5 Reasons Why Corporate Gifts Are Important

Corporate gifting is a fantastic and effective way to do something meaningful and show appreciation to customers, employees, partners, and prospecting clients. It can create a memorable impression that makes you stand out amongst other businesses and show your gratitude to customers and employees. When you personalize with a name and add your logo, it makes that much more of an impact!

Corporate gifts can be done during the holiday season or other times of the year to recognize a new team member, client, or partner who recently came onboard. Recognizing the value in these important relationships and fostering it with business gifting can make all the difference. In fact, 57% of gift receivers agreed that a gift will positively or negatively impact their opinion of a business. So, be thoughtful and intentional about your corporate gifts!



Happy employees lead to happy customers. And happy team members and customer satisfaction have been shown to have a strong link (see this study). When employees know they're valued at work, it can increase their motivation and work satisfaction. When team members win, the whole company wins together! We know from our first-hand experience here at Ox & Pine, that as we each feel valued and appreciated, it's easier to reach our company goals and create a healthy culture. And our culture it something we work hard to protect. Business gifts are something easy to overlook and not understand how big of an impact it can have on your day-to-day operations.


Customer retention is easier than customer acquisition. For a little extra effort in giving a corporate gift, your clients will know and understand how much you appreciate their business. It goes a long way and can earn you more respect and more business. Everyone likes to be recognized and appreciated it. As you feel appreciated, you'll be more likely to work with someone again because you know they actually care. As you build this loyalty with your customers, it grows your client base and grows your business. Don't forget to foster these relationships with some meaningful, personalized corporate gifts! Gift-giving can bolster your relationship marketing.

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This is an easy area to ignore--leads and potential customers. What better way to convince a client to work with you than giving a personalized corporate gift? It shows them the way you do business. It shows that lead you want to earn their business. In fact, 27% of businesses said that giving gifts helped get more referrals. When it's personalized, it says you put thought into this potential customer and don't just look at them as a lead to close. It sets the tone for how you work and fosters a relationship that will be built into a strong partnership. Corporate gifting is the perfect way to say you care about the person and intend to build a strong business relationship with them. It can convert a lead into a customer.


Create the brand awareness that you want. The kind that says your company is worth paying attention to. Forget the cheap pens, colorful postcards, spammy emails, and cold calls. Send a unique, beautiful gift they're sure to open and use--whether they work with you immediately or not. You could even research or reach out to do a personalized gift that's sure to leave an impression. It's the investment in a truly meaningful corporate gift that will pay off over time.


Don't forget about your vendors and suppliers! That's a business relationship that could easily fall by the wayside. Imagine if someone who gives you business sent you a holiday gift? Shouldn't it be the other way around?! Letting a vendor know you appreciate the work they put in and the quality of the products or services they provide you will surely strengthen that relationship. Next time they have a good deal or something worthwhile to offer, you better believe they'll reach out to you first. Also, don't undervalue the way these gifts could help make all transactions and communication go smoothly and in your favor.

At Ox & Pine, we carefully handcraft each leather good in our workshop in the USA. And we can personalize any of our leather goods AND stamp your logo in to make the most meaningful impact for you and your company. We have the perfect, personalized corporate gifts to fit all of your needs. We can handle a few items to several hundred. We'd love to help you with whatever you need for your personalized, leather corporate swag. Connect with us today!

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