Personalized Leather Gifts - how is leather personalized?

There are a couple of ways that leather can be personalized or engraved. One way is through laser etching where a laser burns the surface of the leather. The second way is through stamping into the leather leaving an impression. We prefer the second way because it's beautiful, unique, and complements the natural beauty of the leather.

Stamping into the leather requires skill and practice. We use individual little metal pieces and apply heat and pressure to create a beautiful impression in the leather. And we have a wide array of personalization options to fuel your creativity!

Why do we care about the personalization? We want your leather goods and personalizations to look their best. These are often leather goods you'll treasure for the rest of your life and special gifts to people you love. We know what it's like to get something you were so excited about only to be disappointed. We want you to be excited and get something meaningful! From beautiful initials to meaningful quotes, the personalizations we see make us laugh and sometimes make us teary eyed. We're happy to be a small part of creating the perfect meaningful leather good that makes you memorable.

We take our time to make sure the craftsmanship and personalization are just right. We check them like a bazillion times. Okay, maybe not a bazillion, but it's a lot. Our quality control is there to make sure your leather good and personalization are truly beautiful.

Check out our leather goods and make them truly custom to you! Our Leather Journals have a ton of personalization options so you can get it just the way you want.

personalized leather journal, bookmark, and luggage tag by Ox & Pine Leather Goods

Need a little inspiration for your personalizations? Here are just a few we think might spark an idea for you:

  • Initials (classic and beautiful)
  • Full names for clients and team members
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Inside jokes
  • Word of the year you're focusing on
  • Phrases to remind you of goals
  • Terms of endearment for your significant other
  • Logo for your company (we can get a custom metal stamping piece made up)
  • Your artwork (we can get a custom special metal stamping piece made up)
  • Scripture quotes or references
  • Nicknames
  • Special dates
  • And so much more!