Leather Vow Books

In the wedding industry, there tend to be trends that come and go, like colors that are a hit one year but not so much the next. This happens across the board from dress styles to flower type, location, decor, cake flavors, hairstyles, and more. I’m sure if you looked at my wedding pictures, you’d have a pretty good guess about how long I’ve been married. 

Fortunately, there are some things that are always “in” that are safe bets - neutral colors, tiered wedding cakes, lace dresses, and elegant veils. Another thing that will always be safe? Our customized leather vow books. 

Leather Vow Books

Vow books in general have become more popular in recent years, and we fully understand why - they’re the perfect keepsake from your special day in addition to being a convenient way to read your vows during the actual ceremony. Unlike most trends, vow books don’t seem to be going anywhere, and won’t make your wedding look out-of-date in a few years. Vow books just have so much sentimentality, classiness, and function on their side.

When you choose leather vow books, you also get the added benefit of them looking fabulous in wedding pictures, they’ll last forever, and they’ll only get better with age. Leather vow books in particular aren’t going anywhere - they’re just so meaningful and special.


We also customize our vow books, generally with “her vows” or “his vows” plus the wedding date. We have a variety of colors to choose from so you can find exactly what you want that matches the look you’re going for. We make each by hand to ensure the greatest quality. 

If you’re planning your wedding, this is the perfect way to add a beautiful, personalized touch to your big day. See below for some beautiful wedding pictures from couples who have used our vow books in the past. 


Leather vow books just can’t be beat for holding your wedding vows on the big day and for many years to come. Order yours here