10 Journaling Ideas That Will Inspire You

Journaling is something I've done since I was a kid. I have a box full of journals with treasured, fun, and important memories. These journals provided inspiration for the designs you see on my website today!

There are many techniques for journaling, and I want to share 10 to help you get started or change up what you're already doing. Remember there are no rules, so don't feel pressure to make it perfect!

 1. Gratitude Journal

This is a way to reflect on your blessings and appreciate the little things in your life. You could write something you're grateful for that day (no matter how small or big it may seem), inspirational quotes, happy moments, and coincidences. I've personally felt the boost to my happiness and satisfaction in life when I keep a gratitude journal!

2. Creative Journal

This one is great because you can write or record in any way you choose! Draw a picture. Record song lyrics that struck a cord with you. Interesting phrases for daily conversation. Jokes you heard and like. It's fun to look back and see your collection of memories and thoughts in this way.

3. Art Journal

Get your creativity on by drawing, painting, and using a mix of mediums. Include some writings or have it purely visual. This is a great way to try new things and visually represent your memories and thoughts. The paper in our Classic Journals is great for a variety of mediums!

Bullet Journal Pictures in a Refillable Leather Journal

4. Bullet Journal

This method of journaling puts everything into neat little boxes. It's never perfect and requires practice and trial and error to get things how you like them. I've seen lots of ways people have adapted this type of journaling to their needs and how their brain works. Here's a fun overview of bullet journaling by the creator of it: How to Bullet Journal. We offer blank, lined, graph, and dot grid notebooks and refills in our Refillable Journals.

5. 5 Year Journal

This is a quick and easy way to preserve your memories! There are journals specifically made for this purpose or you can create your own. These will have daily prompts where you write something in a sentence or two every day for 5 years. It's fun and rewarding to know you have a little memory or thought captured each day. Here are some top 5 year journals to check out:

Levenger 5-Year Journal

Leuchtturm 5 Year Memory Book

Midori 5 Years Diary

Hobonichi 5-Year Techo Book

Woman writing in her personalized leather journal

6. Dream Journal

Keep a journal or notebook by your bedside to write down your dreams before you forget them! It's interesting to look back on the symbolism, disjointedness, and oddness that makes up our dreams.

7. Poetry Journal

Poetry is a great way to express yourself and put feelings and thoughts onto paper. Experiment with some styles out there like classic rhyming, haikus, sonnets and so on.

8. Reading Journal

Write down notes or thoughts from the books and articles you read. Or keep a list of books you've read with your review on each one. Look back to see the books you've read and the things you've learned (or your reviews of each book). This is great for the reader in all of us!

9. Travel Journal

Record where you travel to or events you attend. Add the bus or plane ticket, playbill, stickers, brochures, concert tickets, and so on to look back on.

10. Field Journal

This is a fun way to record hikes, nature walks, and exploring the great outdoors. Record how the hike was or the plant or animal life you saw along the way.