Introducing: LEATHER BAGS!!!

We are SO excited about our bags. (We know you are too - so many of you have been waiting for these!) We put a lot of work into developing them so that they’ll be PERFECT for you. From the size of the bags, the length of the straps, the colors, the closure types, and the features we wanted to include, we put our hearts and souls into developing these.  

Leather Tote Bags - Small, Medium, and Large - No Closure - Ox & Pine Leather Goods

We’re people who use bags, so we knew exactly what we wanted in a bag. We wanted something with sturdy straps that aren’t going to slip off shoulders. We wanted the shape of the bag to be comfortable when laying against a body. We wanted the strap handle length to be juuuuust right—long enough that your elbow isn’t getting stuck when you’re taking the bag off, but not so long that the length is awkward. We wanted an interior pocket and somewhere to hook our keys. We wanted it to look stylish and hold up to years of use. We wanted it to smell like leather (✓😉). And we wanted each bag to be special for each person. 

Interior Picture of Leather Tote Bag - Ox & Pine Leather Goods

And after months of development (and years of dreaming about it!) we are confident that we’ve hit all the sweet spots and that you’ll LOVE these bags.  

One of our favorite things about these bags is how personalized they can be to each person. Not only do you get to choose all the regular stuff (color, size, strap handle length), you can personalize both the outside and inside of these bags! That’s right! Put your initials on the outside, and then on the interior pocket (where you’ll see it every day!). Did we mention the pocket personalization is FREE? Put a quote that’ll give you extra mojo when you see it, your name and contact info in case your bag gets lost, or a personal message if you’re gifting the bag to someone else.  

 Interior Pocket Personalization - Leather Tote Bag - Ox & Pine Leather Goods

Start creating your perfect bag—personalized just for you!—today! See our whole collection of bags Click Here