How Shopping Small Makes a Big Difference

It's natural to shop around for the best value in town, but have you ever stopped to think about the message that you send by your shopping habits? 

When you buy from a small shop (like ours) you are donating to a child's college fund. You're supporting moms, dads, students, and makers of all ages in earning money from their quality handmade art. These makers pay mortgages, student loans, hospital bills, and taxesjust like you do.

There really are so many reasons to shop small.

Excellent customer service. Next time your bike tire goes flat, head into a small bike shop. You will probably be blown away by the customer service you experience. It's the same attention to detail you will find when you open a carefully packaged handmade product from a small online shop.

Unmatched quality. Someone who creates their product by hand isn't concerned with the fastest mass manufacturing methods to earn them a quick buck. The best small shops are owned by careful craftsmen (and craftswomen, if that's a word) who prioritize incredibly high quality materials above everything else.

Small shops give back. Over 90 percent of small businesses contribute back to their community through volunteering, in-kind donations, or direct cash contributions. The estimated total donated from small businesses is roughly $40 billion.

You're encouraging creativity. I like the thought of my children growing up in a world where they can pour their heart into their own business selling something they created with their own hands. Now, more than ever, that's a possibility thanks to online shops like Etsy and Shopify exploding in popularity.

It boosts the economy. Two-thirds of net new jobs are created by small businesses and over half of the national GDP is from small firms. 

You support families. This is a big one for me! As a mom of four, spending time with my children is essential, but many jobs are not very flexible for family time. Shopping small means you're helping one more stay-at-home mom or dad support their family during nap times and after their little ones go to sleep.

If you're ready to shop small, take a look at some of our handmade leather journals and luggage tags. Along with buying a journal made from some of the highest quality leather available, you will also get a sense of fulfillment knowing that you supported a working mom paying for everything from Play-Doh to preschool.

Thanks for reading! Ya'll have kept me so busy crafting journals and luggage tags lately, but I am hoping to blog more consistently throughout the spring and summer.