Craftsmanship & Customization

We’ve covered our high quality leather and materials in previous blog posts, but that level of quality wouldn’t matter if we didn’t have our level of craftsmanship and an array of customization options to match.

Craftsmanship is just as important to us as the materials we use. If we can’t do it well, then the product won’t end up in your hands. We care about doing it right. That means we sometimes lose out on products we mess up. In fact, some become our lovingly dubbed “cheery mishaps” when we cut the leather a little funky or create some other lovely flaw. Years of practice and expertise have gone into our specific and refined processes, and it shows in every one of our leather goods. One of our leather journals (or any of our leather goods) gets inspected at every stage of the process to ensure a quality item (with high quality materials) reaches your hands. That means it gets looked at for correct cutting and construction a bazillion times. Okay, maybe not a bazillion, but you get the idea.

And we’re the only ones who offer the amount of customization options we have! You can choose if you want a journal refillable or not, how many pages, what kind of paper (like blank, lined, dot grid, graph), if you want a custom printed title page, or initials or a name or a saying stamped into the leather, the amount of personal information you want stamped onto a leather luggage tag, which of our five beautiful leather colors  best suits you...should I keep going? We organize all of these options so it’s easy to see what you can get, and top the whole thing off with a simple ordering process. Also, we’re super-duper skilled in stamping into leather--the best you’ll ever see. We use heat and pressure for a beautiful, deep impression in the leather. We spent a boatload of time and endured more burned fingers than I care to count to get that good. That’s because we’re all about helping you so the leather good you design is just the way you want it!

Around here we care about our end product and it shows. We have the best leather goods, with the best customization options, and the very best in skilled hands making your leather goods. That means they’ll last a lifetime and be meaningful enough to add a little sappiness to your life. So, try out one of our leather goods--we dare you.