Back to school - leather edition

This is your back to school guide on all things leather! Why leather? We're a little bit obsessed over here, and we want to share that with you. So, we'll share about our leather journals, leather lanyards, leather patches, and more!

First, let's acknowledge that Summer is winding down for many of us. We're looking forward to a break from the heat (here in Texas that won't come for a while and we'll sweat through the first part of the school year). We're looking forward to a little more time away from the kids (although I'll miss the sounds of giggling and slapping bare feet on the floors). We're looking forward to more structure to our schedules. We're looking forward to more leather goods (you shouldn't be surprised I stuck this one in here, right?!).

What leather goods can you look forward to? Maybe it's not even leather specifically because there are things you'd like to start doing (like journaling) or get for someone else (like for those amazing teachers out there). These things just happen to be made of leather... By Ox & Pine... Personalized just how you want... And we've made you a list (how convenient, right?):

Personalized Leather Journals with a Professional Elastic Closure - Ox & Pine Leather Goods 

1. Personalized Leather Journals (refillable versions, too!)

Journaling is a wonderful way to preserve memories and thoughts! Our leather journals have a variety of sizes, leather color options, paper types, and personalization options available. That means you get just what you want for a meaningful gift to yourself or someone else.

 personalized leather lanyard - choose from 2 lengths

2. Personalized Leather Lanyards

These are the GOAT. Get them in 2 different lengths to suit your needs and preferences. A bunch of leather colors to choose from. Personalize to your heart's content! These are perfect for teacher gifts *wink wink*.

 Personalized leather backpack patch - this bag belongs to (with personalization) Ox & Pine Leather Goods

3. Backpack Patches (with velcro!)

These guys are perfect for backpacks! Get a fun quote or personalize with your kid's name. Make sure your kid is the coolest with these little details.

 Personalized Leather Patch - Customized with your text or a logo - Ox & Pine Leather Goods

4. Custom Leather Patches

A custom leather patch is a versatile accessory for all your DIY projects. Get your logo or artwork stamped into it or personalize with text.