12 Things You Might Not Know About Me
  1. I’m a whopping 5’2”.
  2. I have 4 kids.
  3. Ox & Pine started in my house. Once it occupied more square footage than my family did, we moved it out. And we just moved into a shop twice the size of our first!
  4. I played rugby in college.                                                                                
  5. I’m an avid runner. That is, until my body gets too busted up.                                                                              
  6. I filled notebook after notebook with drawings as a kid.
  7. Our famous leather wrap closure journals are patterned after the ones I loved and filled up when I was young.                 
  8. I love chocolate milk. Promised Land, whole milk, Midnight Chocolate. Super specific, I know. Go get you some. 
  9. When I was young and stupid, I bungee jumped. Actually, I’d probably do it again now, so I probably haven’t increased in intelligence.
  10. I’m nose-blind to the smell of leather.
  11. I like to lift heavy weights, so moving around hides of leather be my jam. 
  12. I’m terribly sentimental and have a hard time throwing away a card from a stranger. Now imagine a card from my husband--impossible.