Personalized Leather Coasters - Set of 4

Leather Color
Horween Full Grain personalized leather coasters -- stands up to moisture better than any other leather coaster!

The best personalized leather coasters you'll ever own or gift! Our Full Grain leather (from Horween) coasters stand up to moisture better than any other leather coasters out there! They're also thick and come in 4 beautiful colors! Plus, you get to personalize it just how you want it.




We offer corporate discounts, so contact us!

Want to stamp your logo, your custom artwork, or a custom design into the beautiful full grain leather coasters? Send us a message so we can help you!

-Set of 4 Round OR Square Full Grain Leather Coasters (Horween leather is some of the best leather in the world --> Check them out:
-Each coaster is 4" Round OR 4" Square
-Coasters are 3.2-4mm thick
-Engraving / Stamping on front side only

*LOGOS: Logos/artwork need to be provided in a black and white vector image. Please reach out if you have questions about how well your design will stamp (really intricate designs will sometimes lose some detail in stamping). We get a special metal piece made up because we use heat and pressure for a beautiful impression in the leather.


Choose from our 4 Leather Colors: Natural, Burgundy, Brown, or Black - part of the natural beauty and appeal is the variation from leather coaster to leather coaster (color and appearance)

**Please keep in mind, we make everything by hand including stamping each leather coaster by hand. That means no two leather coasters will be the same--color and appearance may even vary across the same leather coaster (including across the stamping portion since each piece of leather is unique and beautiful).

**We get a special metal stamping piece made up because we use heat and pressure for a beautiful impression. The cost for getting your custom logo/artwork made up is $50 PLUS the cost of the set of coasters (that is from a finished design and ready file; this is a one-time setup fee). We have an option setup for the setup fee ($50) plus the cost of ONE SET of coasters with that logo stamped into it ($24)--total of $74. After that, each set of coasters with your logo is $24 each.